Figma starter-kit to speed-up interface design projects

Example dashboard design

Create something like this with Bica's strong foundation

Flexible typography

A modular scale with plenty of size and weight options. The system does not assume whether you are going to use a specific style for a headline or a body text.

A purposeful color palette

Well-balanced colors perfect for prototyping or new projects. Switch easily between shades or tints of different colors. Invert the palette and you get dark-mode out of the box.

Reusable components

Stop creating the same UI elements every time from scratch. With Bica, you start with a system of ready-made components with different variations and interaction states.

Easily customizable

Bica's architecture leverages the power of Figma's component system. Primitive components provide the base structure while re-componentized instances get used for variations.

Figma's best tricks

Bica leverages Figma’s coolest features like Auto-Layout or Variants to make customizing and adapting the system a breeze.

Example UI Design included

Learn how to use Bica from an UI example. See how the system can be utilized to create an UI for an AdTech SaaS platform.

  • 1000+ components
  • 100+ global styles
  • Dark mode
  • Example UI design included
  • Commercial usage

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