What's new


  • Corresponding Primitives got combined into Variants. This helps to keep texts, icons and other content elements in place when switching variant options of instances


  • Unified bright & dark mode in one file
  • Made use of Figma’s Interactive Components
  • Fine-tuned colors
  • Re-added component captions
  • Removed Charts Beta (for now)
  • Removed Grids (still part of Demo UI)
  • Changed arrangements of frames and elements within

v2.1 - v2.5

  • Added support for Figma’s Variants
  • Added XS size to every component
  • Reorganized text styles
  • Reorganized and refined colors
  • Renamed Alert to Flash
  • Simplified Pagination
  • Improved Table components
  • Changed arrangements of frames and elements within


  • Simplified Typography
  • Simplified Buttons
  • Simplified Side Menu Items
  • Removed component captions
  • Aligned focus states with Button focus state
  • Tweaked Alert colors
  • Changed arrangements of frames and elements within


  • Changed wording: Renamed Master to Primitive
  • Added a second line height option to all text styles
  • Added two smaller Button sizes
  • Changed focus style for solid Buttons


  • Initial release

How versioning works

Given a version number Major.Minor, I increment:

  • major version when making incompatible changes,
  • minor version when adding functionality in a backward-compatible manner or making backward-compatible bug fixes.